Unleash The Hidden Powers Of Corporate Entertainment

We know that corporate entertainment is an effective tool for entertaining both your clients and your staff, but some people still have their doubts. So what can entertaining do for your company?Different clients entertain for different reasons, it could be a client hospitality event, a networking event, team building or a seemingly ‘just for the hell of it’ event, whatever your particular reason there is certainly ways of maximising the results!Knowing your audience is a distinct advantage when planning your corporate entertainment but it’s not the be all and end all. Knowing your objectives however is obviously crucial.If you have your top clients attending and the objective is to ultimately discuss business then you don’t want any entertainment that you host to completely take over the night, there has to be time for the networking and selling to happen.Selling your event to your team or to your clients is crucial, you want people to turn up! You want to create a positive spin on your event before it’s even happened!Sometimes there is apprehension about evening events amongst clients and staff, this is their time and it’s got to be something worthwhile to get them to turn up. This is where careful event selection is critical.Some corporate clients find that the ‘little and often’ approach is most effective and report very good results from hosting entertainment between the courses of a meal. The feedback is that it breaks the ice initially, especially if your guests don’t know each other, entertainment such as a game show will force them to speak to each other and form a bond.Throughout the evening as the event progresses the bond is strengthened and barriers are broken down with the end result of fantastic team spirit and a sense of group achievement. The results are normally really felt some time after the event, when clients are more likely to take your calls, they refer back to it and a common ground is found that was not there before the event.It’s important to say that in the last decade corporate entertainment has developed and moved on, it’s not just sporting events or reception drinks and canapes that are hosted, there’s so much more from full action days, lavish themed party nights to corporate game shows and many event companies can take a brief from you and create a unique event especially for your requirements.To be able to see what potential corporate entertainment could have for your company it’s good to draw up a list of your objectives, your clients and what industries they are in, what you’ve done before and what your budget is.Once you have these then event entertainment companies can start giving some good ideas to maximise the results for you.

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